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Buying and setting up a new Mac

From time to time I am asked to recommend or set up new Macs for family and friends. If asked what Mac to buy, I recommend an iMac if it’s going to be used for video editing, as a TV, … Continue reading

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The Horse Sense of John Lyons

I’ve just finished Moira C. Harris with Tammy Jo Lyons, Mastering the Art of Horsemanship: John Lyons’s Spiritual Journey (Irvine, California: Bowtie Press, 2003). The photographs by Charles F. Mann are alone worth the price of this biography of Lyons, … Continue reading

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Reading George MacDonald: Introductions

When I embarked on a five-year program of reading George MacDonald, the short introductions listed below greatly benefited me. If you’re anything like me, and also starting out on the road to understanding MacDonald, then I commend them to you … Continue reading

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The Horse and Her Gal

Uncle Mitch, who frequently gets together to ride with Dad and Uncle Charles and Marvin (my brother-in-law), sent this video around recently by email. You’ve seen it before, but it’s good enough to watch again. It shows Stacy Westfall’s championship … Continue reading

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