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New Year’s Eve – 2010, 1940’s, and ca. 4 BC

Index of Christmas holiday posts New Year’s Eve is the 7th day of Christmas; the two holidays go together. Only in the mystery of Christmas, the Incarnation, the babe in Bethlehem, lies the answer to all our hopes and fears … Continue reading

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Merry 12 Days of Christmas!

Index of Christmas holiday posts What a joy that there are 12 days of Christmas instead of just one! There will be time for Rachel and Stephen and Jennifer to join us later this week for a family celebration on … Continue reading

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Christmas reflections: O Come All Ye Faithful

Index of Christmas holiday posts O Come Ye Faithful Truck with three wise sledders, Christmas Eve, 2010 Like the magi traveling from afar, we faithfully arrived in Kirksville the evening of the 23rd, with clear roads all the way. Yet … Continue reading

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Christmas nights: Winter Solstice

Index of Christmas holiday posts Happy Winter Solstice! If you face east from your front yard, or say, from within the circle of Stonehenge, then on different dates through the year you will see the Sun rise at points running … Continue reading

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Family letter, Christmas 2010

“Welcome, all wonders in one sight! Eternity shut in a span, Summer in winter, day in night, Heaven in earth, and God in man! Great little One, whose all-embracing birth Lifts earth to Heaven, stoops Heaven to earth.” Richard Crashaw,”In … Continue reading

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Candace update – December 2010

“The world seemed to her a grand march of resurrections–out of every sorrow springing the joy at its heart, without which it could not have been a sorrow; out of the troubles, and evils, and sufferings, and cruelties that clouded … Continue reading

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Christmas reflections – Generations and Genealogies

Index of Christmas holiday posts “Christmas is the perfect season to ask ourselves whether our faith is merely a collection of theological facts we affirm or a living story we enter into and become a part of.” Tom Gibbs, Covenant … Continue reading

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