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Historic Star Atlas Stories

On Thursday this week, it was a delight and an honor, with Brent Purkaple, to kick off the OU Department of Astronomy’s year-long series of monthly lectures, “Postcards from the Universe.” Brent and I delivered a presentation on constellations and … Continue reading

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Middle Earth astronomy: A primer

These three resources will introduce you to the constellations and starlore of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth: Middle Earth astronomy, by Rachel Folmar (Commentary on the poem “Lindë Elenion) Lindë Elenion, by Rachel Folmar (based on Tolkien’s starlore) Under the Starry Skies … Continue reading

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Hoot the Owl – the backstory

(Cross-posted from my professional blog, Lynx Open Ed; please link, cite or tweet it there) We believe that educational outreach is at the center of our exhibitions, so nothing could have excited us more than a letter we received last … Continue reading

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White chickens

so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens. I have loved this poem by William Carlos Williams since I first encountered it, long, long ago, in my teenage years. (Thank you to … Continue reading

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Loss of a good friend

Related posts (with pictures of Governor): Laura’s tribute to Governor Karl Barth on horses Happy birthday, Daddy! The Horse Sense of John Lyons For a friend who has lost an animal companion “Horses” tag at Laura’s blog Dad on Governor, … Continue reading

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How Yellowstone came to us this Christmas

As a family, we go to Wyoming to experience the mountains and wilderness. Our family roots are there, and we come away refreshed. On Christmas day Dad and I were pulling the kids on sleds. Suddenly Hannah shouted “eagles!,” pointing … Continue reading

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