Planet Narnia meets Galileo’s World

Over the last couple of years I’ve given countless presentations on the Galileo’s World exhibition, and I’ve enjoyed them all. Tonight I’m giving an informal talk that’s a bit different from the others, which I’m really looking forward to, on the “Music of the Spheres” gallery entitled “Planet Narnia meets Galileo’s World.” Clint Hardesty invited me to visit his Dinner and Discourse group at St. Thomas More, despite it being Ash Wednesday. This coming Sunday Keith French invited me to give a shorter version of the same talk to the Genesis class at Westminster Presbyterian Church in OKC. Two groups of people who will provide both a warm welcome and an inquisitive, curious reception of the presentation, I’m sure. My thanks to all of you, in advance.

Tonight’s talk addresses two questions:

Download a pdf of the presentation here, including skipped slides:
Music of the Spheres: Planet Narnia meets Galileo’s World.”
(105 MB, so give it time to download)

The talk on Tolkien and Frost, which I refer to as a companion presentation, is available here:
Under the Starry Skies of J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert Frost.”

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