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Wanting a brief devotional? Over the last several years I have regularly followed Speaking of Life, by Joseph Tkach. Speaking of Life is a weekly video podcast by Grace Communion International. I’ve mentioned Tkach before as part of GCI’s You’re Included video series on Trinitarian theology (here). Speaking of Life arises from the same theological perspective, yet each episode lasts only 3 minutes. Despite the concise format, they’re full of meaning, and worth watching multiple times. Tkach’s reflections are ideal conversation starters for adults and families with older children. Here’s a recent one entitled “The Ultimate Love Story” – watch it and see if you’ll want to follow this series regularly, too:

Speaking of Life is available in both audio and video from the GCI website and from Speaking of Life - Medium mp4 - at iTunes. Earlier episodes no longer on iTunes are archived on the GCI website. These are well worth going back and listening to, so you can start back at the beginning and work through the series chronologically as a daily devotional. Transcripts are also available. For other GCI videos, see this page.

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