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March signals the arrival of some significant milestones for the Galileo’s World exhibition.

The OU Speakers series at the Sam Noble continues, as does the JPL speaker series at the NWC, along with many other special events, programs and activities. Yet with the arrival of March, it seems as if we are passing into a new phase. Exhibitions begin to close in April. When September arrives, all locations other than the Library itself will have closed. For the 2016-2017 academic year, the Exhibit Hall in the Libraries’ 5th floor will host a reprise of Galileo’s World, containing select rotating content from all 7 locations. So there is still much to do and to see. Follow the events section of to keep track of what is to come.

But now it’s time to begin looking backward, to reflect on what has already transpired. In a series of posts here over the next couple of weeks, we will take a look back over our shoulder to chronicle aspects of Galileo’s World to this point. The first few posts will simply list all 350 books that have been displayed, in each gallery, for every location. Both the items on display, and the galleries themselves, flow in a specific sequence as indicated in the iBook Exhibit Guide. For many purposes, a simple list may be helpful or interesting, particularly as the books start appearing in the new Galileo’s World Digital library, where every book will be available in its entirety in high resolution with metadata (opening later this spring). So watch this blog over the next few weeks to look back at what has come before in this amazing year of using the Galileo’s World exhibition to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the University of Oklahoma.

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