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St John's College, NottinghamSt. John’s College in Nottingham, which serves many students preparing for ordination in the Church of England, announces their mission as follows:

“Our core purpose is to inspire creative Christian learning marked by evangelical conviction, theological excellence, and charismatic life, that those who train with us might be equipped for mission in the world of change…”

In a remarkable ongoing project, under the leadership of Tim Hull, they are creating three video timelines, devoted to:

  • the Old Testament,
  • the New Testament, and to
  • Faith and Modernity

Each Timeline is accessed via subscription (only 15 pounds per year) from their website. Explore their youTube channel and home page:

For example, the Faith and Modernity Timeline surveys theology and intellectual history from Augustine to the present, promising to become a chronological, multimedia encyclopedia of faith and thought. Here are four examples of videos included on this timeline:

1. Tom Greggs on Karl Barth and Contemporary Theology:

(See also Greggs’ introduction to Dietrich Bonhoeffer.)

2. James Hannam on Galileo, the Catholic Church, and medieval science:

3. Russell Remanning on Natural Theology:

4. Tim Hull on “Faith and Reason, Yesterday and Today”:

The full videos are around an hour long. Half-hour condensed versions like these are available for free on their youTube channel. (I could not find them on iTunes U; hopefully they will consider adding the most convenient means of distribution for iOS users.)

The project consists not just of the videos, but of the Timeline platform that organizes them. The Timeline architecture supports many handy features, explained here.

A version of the Timeline platform designed for iPad is in development, explained here.

To support this ongoing effort, I’ve subscribed now to both the New Testament and Faith and Modernity Timelines.

Convenience of access, rather than cost, is paramount for me, so I’m hoping that they’ll soon make the Timelines available through the App Store or iTunes, as I would then be able to make far better use of them for my own study and reflection.

Many thanks, Tim Hull and St. John’s, Nottingham, for this excellent resource!

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