Two new exhibits on Space are now open

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Kerr rocketThe Carl Albert Center of the University of Oklahoma has launched a new exhibition, “Rockets’ Red Glare: Robert Kerr and the Space.”

View the exhibit both online and in person at Monnett Hall on the north oval of the OU campus. A website, Oklahoma and the Space Race, also displays a collection of Kerr’s Space and Aeronautics Memorabilia along with speeches and other archival material. Special thanks to Nathan Gerth and the archives staff for their creation of this exhibit, and to Mike Crespin and Cindy Rosenthal for including the Carl Albert Center in the Galileo’s World initiative.

The Carl Albert exhibit is a perfect complement to the Oklahomans and Space exhibit curated by Bill Moore, now open at the National Weather Center. Aviators, astronauts, scientists and engineers from Oklahoma have participated in aerospace activities throughout the history of the state. This special exhibit explores how the pioneering spirit that brought space scientists to Oklahoma also inspired them to explore the new frontier of space. It is based on the book by Bill Moore, Oklahomans and Space (Oklahoma Historical Society, 2011).


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