Lindë Elenion, by Rachel Folmar

Lindë Elenion, Song of the Stars

Arwen, by Rachel Magruder Folmar

Even-time is drawing nigh
And in the fastly dimming sky
Bright Anor sinks her flaming head
And silver Ithil, round and fair,
Ascends once more the starry road
Of night, and mighty figures high.

The stars of hrívë, clear and bright
Surround the swordsman of the sky
Arrayed in silver and in blue
Upon his shoulder a scarlet jewel.
Menelvagil, Telumehtar fair,
Shakes his sword at the frostbit air.

And at his feet soars Helluin
Ice-blue fire flickering
A drop of water in a sea of stars
Yet ever bright with silver glow
As seen by Elves awakening
In Cuiviénen, long ago.

Still even then above his helm
Yet at his side Telumendil strode
Sky-friend holding two fair jewels
One of silver, one of gold.
Anarríma near them was set –
The golden crown of Elbereth.

To hail the come of Menelvagil
Arise the Remmirath, the Netted Stars
Jewels blue as the sky by Anars light
Woven by Vardas silver threads
A sentinel against the might
Of the bull from the east, and his scarlet eye.

Ever swinging in the north
The Sickle of the Valar speaks
A mighty challenge to the dark
A sign of doom, a sign of hope.
The Wain, The Seven Butterflies
Valacirca reaps the fruit of the skies.

And round the sickle lightly flying
Drinking the nectar of the night
In the north and east it flitters-
Wilwarin, the Butterfly.
Her counterpart in lairë soars
Soronúmë, the Eagle lord.

And now the seven jewels most fair
Across the sky are wandering:
Wat’ry Nénar and Luinil blue
Carnil, scarlet red as war
Elemmírë and clouded Lumbar,
Alcarinquë, glorious star.

And on the edge of night arising
The Mariner sails his glistening ship
Beyond the starlight journeying
Through shades of rose, and silver and blue
Eärendil bears the Silmaril
Star of Hope, and brightest of jewels.

When winter’s bite has met its night
And breezes warm from the sea are blown
A white swan lifts its wings to fly
And sails the stars to islands far
As sail the ships of Alqualond
Across the sea by Valimar.


Explanation of this poem (next post)
Note: My daughter Rachel wrote this poem, which incorporates the astronomy of Middle Earth, many years ago and posted it on Since that service went away this past July, I’m reposting it here, along with her explanation of the poem and some drawings that she made around the same time. Cf. Rachel’s current blog, Onward Into Light.
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