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Oxford Inklings tour

In November 2021, we found ourselves with a day free in the Bath area due to an unexpected relaxation of Covid protocols for travelers seeking to return to the US. Thus at the end of a three week stay in … Continue reading

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Galileo and the Church

Watch at Vimeo | Download slides/script PDF This coming Wednesday, May 3, 2023, I’m looking forward to speaking at McFarlin Methodist Church here in Norman on Galileo and the Roman Church. This post is a landing page for resources related … Continue reading

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Deb Haarsma on doxological astronomy

Deb Haarsma: Christ in All Things, Galaxies Included

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Starstruck Tonight

Starstruck Tonight, draft version (1 hr, 5 mins) Thursday night, April 27, at 6pm, Candace and I presented a virtual program for the Pioneer Library network. Here’s the event page. My thanks to Pioneer Library and Librarian Catherine Wahpeconiah for … Continue reading

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Deep peace of the shining stars

On a wall of 20 Hills Cottage, that most hospitable of places, Hannah displays a prayer from Iona: The deep peace of the water, air, earth, and heavens are gathered up in the Son of Peace, the source from whom … Continue reading

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Scotland in a blur

Craigneich farm in 2018 More and more of our family are making trips to Scotland, particularly to visit Magruder-related sites. First it was cousin Jennifer living in Edinburgh for a while; then Mother, Julie, and Laura visiting together; followed by … Continue reading

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A Candlemas liturgy

Some years ago, we settled upon February 2 as the date we would celebrate the end of the Christmas season. Not because it is Groundhog Day in the United States (!), but because it marks the feast day of Candlemas … Continue reading

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Ring out, wild bells

For Advent and Christmas this year, Candace and I again are reading aloud together through Malcolm Guite, Waiting on the Word, a collection of poems and essay reflections. On New Years Day, Malcolm Guite calls our attention to the “ring … Continue reading

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Kindness and Hope

One of the pleasant surprises and joyous discoveries last month for us was the discovery, in a used-bookstore in Scotland, of the kind and hopeful book The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, by Charlie Mackesy (Amazon). We … Continue reading

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Twitter note

Over Thanksgiving break, I decided to quit Twitter. I don’t want to follow the Musk melodrama, nor become invested in the platform given its current instability, nor subject myself to the disruption of threads of people I follow due to … Continue reading

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