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George MacDonald Bicentenary Conference

2024 is the 200th anniversary of George MacDonald’s birth (1824-1905). The George MacDonald Society and the Marion E. Wade Center of Wheaton College are sponsoring a conference, “George MacDonald and the Prophetic Imagination,” May 29-31, 2024. Conference page, GMD Society … Continue reading

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Sayers on suffering

Dear [friend in a dark time], You might be interested in a letter written during WW2 by a leading British radio personality (Dorothy L. Sayers). She spoke to fellow Brits about a Christian perspective on suffering. I know you yourself … Continue reading

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Elaine Hagenberg’s choral anthems

Elaine Hagenberg Candace and I listened with rapt attention to “You Do Not Walk Alone,” a moving choral piece by Elaine Hagenberg, at the OKC Civic Center “For All the Saints” Irish concert last week. It prompted us to browse … Continue reading

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Bruce Ritchie on James Clerk Maxwell

Video of the Inverness book launch event for Bruce Ritchie, James Clerk Maxwell: Faith, Church and Physics (Edinburgh: Handsel Press, 2024); #2024-br-1. My video recommendation (above). For those who want more, below is a longer video review (21 mins). But … Continue reading

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Goodbye Dropbox my old friend

After many years of relying upon Dropbox as my go-to cloud solution, I’m saying good-bye due to an issue arising from intractable mis-set file permissions. After five hours on the phone with an Apple Support supervisor named James, he determined … Continue reading

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Marilyn B. Ogilvie Celebration

Above: Marilyn B. Ogilvie, portrait by Mike Wimmer in the Marilyn B. Ogilvie Room, Bizzell Memorial Library, 5th floor, University of Oklahoma History of Science Collections. Marilyn B. Ogilvie, a specialist on women in science, served as the second curator … Continue reading

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Scripture and Science exhibit

This week I had the joy and delight of visiting the Museum of the Bible (MOTB) in Washington, D.C. My purpose was related to the Scripture and Science exhibit, which opened in January 2023 and will close at the end … Continue reading

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Alan Gogoll

This is not. humanly. possible. Alan Gogoli (website) “is an Australian acoustic guitarist and composer most known for the invention of his two-handed simultaneous artificial harmonics technique he has called ‘Bell Harmonics’, which is featured in many of his original … Continue reading

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New beginning

“New Beginning” Mark & The Chapman stick So beautiful

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I have not lost my marbles They ran off on their own They rolled right off the table And headed out the door One went up to Alaska To see the polar bears It made friends among the reindeer And … Continue reading

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