Morning prayer

Morning Prayer, Episcopal Church of Garrett CountyThe Garrett County morning prayer podcast is high on our list when considering which life changes from the Covid lockdown will continue on. We still often start off our day listening together, sipping tea (Candace) and coffee (me), watching birds at the feeders, as the morning sun rises higher through the east windows. If our eyes aren’t too groggy, we follow along in our copies of the Book of Common Prayer. Thank you, Episcopal Church of Garrett County, for providing this ministry. We appreciate it so much.

  • Morning Prayer podcast (Episcopal Church of Garrett County, Maryland; get)
  • Book of Common Prayer: compact | hardback | leather

Compline: Evening Liturgies for Anxious SoulsAnd a hat tip to the Center for Worship and the Arts, Samford University, also, for their Compline podcast which complements morning prayer with an evening liturgy to close out the day.

  • Compline: Evening Liturgies for Anxious Souls podcast (Center for Worship and the Arts, Samford University; get)

“To speak of liturgy is really to speak of scripture in another mode. For the most part all the great liturgies of the church are made up from loved and remembered passages of scripture, but this time it is no longer scripture flat on the page, but scripture that has been invited to get up and dance, to move us and to move with us.” – Malcolm Guite, The Word within the Words, p. 49

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