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Oxford Inklings tour

In November 2021, we found ourselves with a day free in the Bath area due to an unexpected relaxation of Covid protocols for travelers seeking to return to the US. Thus at the end of a three week stay in … Continue reading

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14 books on a deserted island

Russell Moore asks what 12 books one would want to have near if one were stranded on a deserted island for the rest of one’s life. I can’t do it. For me, 14 is the minimum! So here are my … Continue reading

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A desperate dilemma confronts writers, artists, and students in these times: Authentic creative endeavor is always embedded in friendship and community. Yet both friendship and community seem increasingly remote and elusive. This is why I find myself recommending Diana Glyer’s … Continue reading

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The Holiness of Ordinary Time

In this season of the liturgical year called Ordinary Time, Candace and I are reading aloud two books this year: Steve Bell, Ordinary Time, from his Pilgrim Year series; and Tish Harrison Warren, A Liturgy of the Ordinary (IVP, 2019). … Continue reading

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Inklings books – Wade Podcast

Note: This page is now superseded by a new Wade Center Podcast Index at wadecenterpodcast.org. For more information, check out the About page for that website. This kerrysloft.com page will no longer be updated, and the index links here have … Continue reading

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When I first met Bonhoeffer

Greg Williams recently interviewed me on the topic of GCI’s new initiative to establish Ministry Training Centers on every inhabited continent. Here’s an excerpt from that interview where he asked me about my own spiritual formation, and I recalled the … Continue reading

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Tim Keller on hope, at Hong Kong University

Hope is essential for life at any time, particularly for living in times like these. in this 2014 address at Hong Kong University, Tim Keller channeled Augustine, C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien with reflections on hope and … Continue reading

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Middle Earth astronomy: A primer

These three resources will introduce you to the constellations and starlore of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth: Middle Earth astronomy, by Rachel Folmar (Commentary on the poem “Lindë Elenion) Lindë Elenion, by Rachel Folmar (based on Tolkien’s starlore) Under the Starry Skies … Continue reading

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Planet Narnia meets Galileo’s World

Over the last couple of years I’ve given countless presentations on the Galileo’s World exhibition, and I’ve enjoyed them all. Tonight I’m giving an informal talk that’s a bit different from the others, which I’m really looking forward to, on … Continue reading

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“I see fire” lyrics Ed Sheeran wrote and performed this song on the very day he first saw the second installment of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. Read the story on Jackson’s Facebook page, where Jackson explains: “This is his direct … Continue reading

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