Diana Glyer, BandersnatchA desperate dilemma confronts writers, artists, and students in these times: Authentic creative endeavor is always embedded in friendship and community. Yet both friendship and community seem increasingly remote and elusive.

This is why I find myself recommending Diana Glyer’s little book Bandersnatch to so many graduate students. Diana reflects upon lessons gleaned from lifelong study of the Inklings, particularly J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. Then she skillfully draws from those insights numerous practical suggestions applicable for anyone embarked on a major creative project.

Many are the books providing helpful advice for students working on theses or dissertations (I have previously posted some pearls of my own). Yet I believe reading Bandersnatch will prove more helpful to most students than all of those books combined. I should probably buy copies not individually, but by the box or crate.

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