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Wolves in Yellowstone

Never Cry Wolf Yellowstone Wolves in the Wild Barry Lopez, Of Wolves and Men

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Tkach on Einstein

Speaking of Life

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Comfy at home tonight

We’re gathered together watching the weather news, being “weather aware,” as we say in Oklahoma. Since the girls were young we’ve enjoyed Gary England and News9. The storm tracking radars in central Oklahoma have amazing precision, and the human storm … Continue reading

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Boyle’s Law, Cartesian diver

Tonight is chem lab night for Susanna and two friends. Our ordinary lab manual is excellent, but the lab for Boyle’s Law seemed far too complicated to reinforce the concepts involved, and it lacked illustrations to make clear the relation … Continue reading

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Under the Starry Skies of J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert Frost

Update: I’ve revised and expanded this presentation and post a bit in preparation for two talks tomorrow (3/5/13) at Norman North High School. Should be fun! —– Tonight I’m giving an informal presentation at the OKC Astronomy Club on the … Continue reading

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Tolkien on Mercury

The mercurial mind of J.R.R. Tolkien has now found an appropriate home in the solar system, a newly-named crater on the planet nearest the intense golden rays of the Sun: Source: The Universe Today May The Hobbit, Silmarillion and Lord … Continue reading

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Go Curiosity!

Curiosity, the van-sized high-tech rover, is set to land on Mars tonight! The above animation of Curiosity’s mission to Mars is well-worth watching – seriously – all 11 minutes of it. The landing itself looks harrowing – more nail-biting than … Continue reading

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