George MacDonald Bicentenary Conference

2024 is the 200th anniversary of George MacDonald’s birth (1824-1905). The George MacDonald Society and the Marion E. Wade Center of Wheaton College are sponsoring a conference, “George MacDonald and the Prophetic Imagination,” May 29-31, 2024.

As with the centenary celebration in 1924, this bicentennial conference explored MacDonald’s imaginative vision through formal papers and presentations integrated with music, drama, art, and conversation over mealtimes. With eschatological hope and ecumenical hospitality arising from the love of the Father, it was a community-forming event as much as an academic conference. As one coming from dust-in-the-wind Oklahoma, who greatly appreciates allergy-free clear water, it felt to me as restorative as swimming in a clear mountain lake. As Malcolm noted in the final session, its ramifications will ripple out over years to come.

Here’s Malcom’s evening keynote from the second day of the conference.

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