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Compass Quotes

As an undergraduate I typed up three quotations on index cards to post above my desk. These old cards are tattered now. (Click for a larger view.) In Junior High my parents delighted me with the gift of a portable … Continue reading

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Life Metaphors: Music (1)

Whalesong In my first post on Life Metaphors, I observed that seeing life as a journey, a song or a dance is to affirm the presence of lasting meaning in the midst of change. Countless songs liken our experience of … Continue reading

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Melville and Mortality

“Call me Ishmael” is not how Moby Dick begins. Rather, the work opens with a scene of dusty old books, pervaded by a sense of mortality, followed by extracts “toward a Cetacean taxonomy” supplied by a “sub-sub-Librarian.” As a curator … Continue reading

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