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The nature of the Christian University

March 8. Reception at 6:45; lecture begins at 7:00 pm. John Brown University, Simmons Great Hall. This Thursday I have the privilege of presenting at JBU, invited by my friend Ken Hahn, as part of their biannual lecture series “Christian … Continue reading

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Flaming Oaks star party

At a star party last night, 13 central-Oklahoma amateur astronomers treated residents of the Flaming Oaks neighborhood to beautiful views of the universe from our own front yard. We traced the constellations of the Winter Hexagon and the circumpolar stars. … Continue reading

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Historic Star Atlas Stories

On Thursday this week, it was a delight and an honor, with Brent Purkaple, to kick off the OU Department of Astronomy’s year-long series of monthly lectures, “Postcards from the Universe.” Brent and I delivered a presentation on constellations and … Continue reading

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Middle Earth astronomy: A primer

These three resources will introduce you to the constellations and starlore of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth: Middle Earth astronomy, by Rachel Folmar (Commentary on the poem “Lindë Elenion) Lindë Elenion, by Rachel Folmar (based on Tolkien’s starlore) Under the Starry Skies … Continue reading

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Hoot the Owl – the backstory

(Cross-posted from my professional blog, Lynx Open Ed; please link, cite or tweet it there) We believe that educational outreach is at the center of our exhibitions, so nothing could have excited us more than a letter we received last … Continue reading

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White chickens

so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens. I have loved this poem by William Carlos Williams since I first encountered it, long, long ago, in my teenage years. (Thank you to … Continue reading

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Loss of a good friend

Related posts (with pictures of Governor): Laura’s tribute to Governor Karl Barth on horses Happy birthday, Daddy! The Horse Sense of John Lyons For a friend who has lost an animal companion “Horses” tag at Laura’s blog Dad on Governor, … Continue reading

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How Yellowstone came to us this Christmas

As a family, we go to Wyoming to experience the mountains and wilderness. Our family roots are there, and we come away refreshed. On Christmas day Dad and I were pulling the kids on sleds. Suddenly Hannah shouted “eagles!,” pointing … Continue reading

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Lynx Open Ed

This past year, Brent Purkaple established the Lynx Open Ed website ( This digital humanities project focuses on the creation and distribution of exhibit-related Open Educational Resources (OERs) based on scholarship in the history of science and collaborative engagement with … Continue reading

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T. F. Torrance Theological Fellowship, Boston

On November 17, 2017, Brent Purkaple and I were in Boston for the annual conference of the American Academy of Religion, to give a report at the T. F. Torrance Fellowship annual meeting. The report presented our plan, approved by … Continue reading

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