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2020 Torrance Virtual Workshop-Retreat

78 people have registered so far for the Torrance Workshop-Retreat. Given the virtual nature of the event, there’s still plenty of room! This is an event I’ve been privileged to organize along with Brent Purkaple, Daniel Cameron and Geordie Ziegler. … Continue reading

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Tim Keller on hope, at Hong Kong University

Hope is essential for life at any time, particularly for living in times like these. in this 2014 address at Hong Kong University, Tim Keller channeled Augustine, C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien with reflections on hope and … Continue reading

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BioLogos Conversation: God and the Pandemic – NT Wright and Francis Collins

On July 12, BioLogos hosted a discussion between Francis Collins and N. T. Wright on God and the Pandemic: Don’t miss their duet at the end! The conversation touches upon themes found in N. T. Wright, God and the Pandemic … Continue reading

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Andrew Peterson – A White Man’s Lament for the Death of the Beloved of God

More at The Rabbit Room.

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Izembek National Wildlife Refuge

Many people around the world have rediscovered the restorative power of nature during the pandemic. I’m among those who have joyfully discovered the remarkable birdwatching resources offered by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. Now Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Gerrit Vyn … Continue reading

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An emotional commitment to ignorance

“Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance” – Jane Elliott While Jane Elliott was ostracized for conducting her blue eyes/brown eyes educational experiment back in 1968, the objections from her colleagues and community were not because she manipulated the third … Continue reading

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Karlos Hill on Juneteenth

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BioLogos conversation on Why Black Lives Matter for Science and Faith

On June 16, an exemplary evangelical science and religion organization, BioLogos, hosted a conversation on “Why Black Lives Matter for Science and Faith” featuring Bishop Claude Alexander, Deborah Haarsma, Lynette Strickland, and Harvey Clemons Jr. I am excited to see … Continue reading

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History of Science Society statement on racism

From the History of Science Society “Statement on the Death of George Floyd and Racism in the United States”: We know from our historical work how thoroughly entangled science is with racism. Our histories have demonstrated this across medicine, science, … Continue reading

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Demarcation Dilemma

The Demarcation Dilemma (PDF) explores how we define natural science, that is, how we distinguish between science and non-science. It does not deal with the question of how we distinguish between good science and poor science, or between good anything … Continue reading

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