Collaborative communities

My thanks to Rob Reynolds and the NextThought team for his series on “The Power of Connections.” Here’s an excerpt from an interview with me on open access and “collaborative communities.” For more, see Rob’s Power of Connections blog.

Kerry Magruder and Rob Reynolds – Open Access from NextThought on Vimeo.

Kerry Magruder and Rob Reynolds discuss open access to learning materials

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2 Responses to Collaborative communities

  1. Laura Gibbs says:

    Kerry, I thought this was so great. I tweeted my favorite parts this morning to spread the word, linking to Rob’s post where he embedded the video also. CONGRATS ON GALILEO!!! It’s been fun watching all that take shape, including…….. the Tower! WOW!

  2. kvmagruder says:

    Laura, thanks so much! Actually, I realized it was up because of a tweet from you! 🙂 You are my hero in these things, you know. Many thanks for your encouragement and inspiration through the years. Peace, Kerry

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