“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” – misattributed to William Butler Yeats

High School

Bible and Language study:


bucket spillWe’re doing homeschool science this year – 9th-grade biology – with Susanna and several other families. This page lists posts related to our nature study approach to biology this year. In the first unit, instead of the perennial lesson on “the scientific method,” we’re having a conversation on living books, nature walks, nature journaling, and what makes education meaningful. In ten years, will the kids’ memories of Biology 101 be only a bucket of spilled milk? We hope for something different.

  1. Getting started – Biology
  2. Last Child in the Woods
  3. Charlotte Mason
  4. Roger Tory Peterson
  5. Anna Comstock
  6. Biology – Sample weekly schedule
  7. Classification
  8. All Things
  9. Getting started with bird identification
  10. Paper airplanes, bird wings
  11. Synergy and Life
  12. Pond Life
  13. Nature journal advice for perfectionists
  14. Living books
  15. Onward into light
  16. Even to the least of these
  17. Water cycle – globe model
  18. The Animal School

Participants’ blogs:

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