Shape of the Earth II

My thanks go to Chuck Rice, president of the OKC Astro Club, for inviting me to present a program for the monthly meeting this coming Friday. This video addresses:

When did people discover that the Earth is round? Was their evidence for the spherical Earth convincing? If you were to find yourself in some remote location where people did not know the shape of the Earth, would you be able to point them to evidence accessible to them that would prove the Earth is round?

Download a PDF with the slides and script.

Update: I pre-recorded this video for virtual sharing due to the pandemic. The meeting was held at youTube live. Danny MacDonald worked some amazing technical magic to interweave Chuck and me in a Zoom chat session, with the pre-recorded presentation, to create the blended youTube live video. Wow! The blended video with Q&A is at youTube (OKCAC members only; access via Club forums). The pre-recorded portion is here.

This is the second time I have made a video on this topic. The first – posted here – is presented in dramatic form. Its cheesy humor definitely makes it more entertaining, but it is of low resolution.

Flammarion woodcutWant to download an image of the “Boldly Explore” Flammarion image, to make a print or to design a mug or t-shirt? Links for jpg or tiff are here: Woodcut colorized by Susanna Joy Magruder; also at Lynx Open Ed.

At Lynx Open Ed:

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