MacDonald on waiting for a snow storm

News 9 forecast

As I led Adela, well wrapped in furs, down the steps to put her into the carriage, I felt by the wind, and saw by the sky, that a snowstorm was at hand. This set my heart beating with delight, for after all I am only what my friends call me – an old boy; and so I am still very fond of snow and wind. Of course this pleasure is often modified by the recollection that it is to most people no pleasure, and to some a source of great suffering. But then I recover myself by thinking, that I did not send for the snow, and that my enjoyment of it will neither increase their pains nor lessen my sympathies. And so I enjoy it again with all my heart.

(George MacDonald, from Adela Cathcart, ch. IV.)

About 9:40 p.m. the precipitation started here: pea-sized hail, lots of lightening. No rain; it’s 28 degrees. The storm has begun! The puzzle is on the dining table, the teapot is hot, thankfully power and lights are on, the anticipation is glorious.

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2 Responses to MacDonald on waiting for a snow storm

  1. Karen Noad says:

    Yes, it was great!! Let’s do it one more time!!! It was such fun last week…….
    Thanks, Kerry, I love the MacDonald quote, especially the last two sentences. “Permission” to really enjoy it!!

  2. Michael says:

    Ah, did you all get the GOOD stuff? We got something that looked like salt. . . and weighed a ton when I shoveled it. Since it was so heavy we only got about three inches of the stuff. Disappointing.

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