T. F. Torrance Theological Fellowship, Boston

On November 17, 2017, Brent Purkaple and I were in Boston for the annual conference of the American Academy of Religion, to give a report at the T. F. Torrance Fellowship annual meeting. The report presented our plan, approved by the Board, for revamping the Fellowship website in 2018. And it announced our preparation of a Torrance bibliography that will serve as a research tool sponsored by the Fellowship.

Kerry Magruder, Brent Purkaple, Gary Deddo, eds., T. F. Torrance Bibliography Project (The T. F. Torrance Theological Fellowship, 2017 and ongoing).


The bibliography project is undertaken on behalf of the T. F. Torrance Theological Fellowship (Gary Deddo, TFTTF Co-Vice President). In the next few months a preliminary version of the bibliography will become available online; details will be posted at tftorrance.org.

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