Francis Collins’ Templeton Prize ceremony

The Sept 24, 2020, Templeton Prize award ceremony for Francis Collins is moving in many ways, on multiple levels, with respect to every segment, speaker, and participant. The ceremony culminates in Collins’ eloquent acceptance speech, which shines with wisdom and love. It will repay repeated hearing. His story and his message coinhere to create a message of hope for our time. And then there’s an incomparably appropriate song at the end.

Watch the full ceremony:

We thank God for you, Francis. You are a sign to us of what God is doing in these hard times. We are praying for you.

How Will Pandemic Change Us? NIH Director Francis Collins on Fighting Covid-19:

Short clips of different segments are available from a Templeton playlist. Below is the final clip, of Dr. Francis Collins and Renée Fleming Sing duet:

Update: Collins thanks NIH workers in this tweet from April 2021

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