Learn Accordance and “a little Greek” together

Mounce, Greek Primer for AccordanceIn previous posts, I’ve explained how to get started with Accordance for OS X and with Accordance for iOS. Here’s a new option to consider:

A combination of the Accordance Starter Collection ($50) and the Mounce Greek Study System ($160) will be ideal for many first-time Accordance users who want to go deeper into the Bible with Greek word studies.

The William Mounce bundle offers a great way to plunge deeper into general Bible study while learning Accordance at the same time. The Greek Study System bundle includes a tagged Greek New Testament (GNT-T), Mounce’s Reverse-Interlinear New Testament and Dictionary, Mounce’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words, and the “Foundational Greek” 9-hour video series (formerly called the “Biblical Greek Primer” video series). Used in conjunction with the Lighting the Lamp podcast, Mounce’s Greek Study System offers a very relaxed approach to becoming familiar with Accordance’s Greek Bible study tools, without requiring the labors of traditional language study. This 3-minute intro explains how the System works:

The tagged Accordance modules (Mounce’s Reverse-Interlinear New Testament and Dictionary and Mounce’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words) are greatly enhanced over the print titles by the same names. The video series includes Accordance screencasts to follow along for interactive learning, practice and review.

Interested? Check out Mounce’s 14-minute orientation to the Greek Study System, and the accompanying screencast.

If this sounds interesting, videos for the first three lessons are free on Mounce’s Greek Primer website (with handouts):

  1. Class orientation
    1. Lecture (13:40)
    2. Accordance screencast (33:37)
  2. Why learn a little Greek?
    1. Lecture (13:55)
    2. Accordance screencast (20:04)
  3. Greek alphabet
    1. Lecture (16:05)
    2. Accordance screencast (13:00)

If you’ve watched many of these videos, you’re probably ready to check out the Accordance page of Mounce resources. It’s probably never been easier for English-language readers to get started studying the Greek text of the Bible with Accordance.

William Mounce, Greek Primer

Bill Mounce is the author of a best-selling Greek textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek, among many other works. He has taught at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Azusa Pacific University, and contributed to both the ESV and NIV11 translation efforts. He serves as president of BiblicalTraining.org, a non-profit organization aiming to equip Christians in the local church. Mounce’s Teknia website offers a wealth of resources for learning biblical Greek and Hebrew (including online courses and a free introduction to Greek for kids).


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