Seasons, by Rachel Folmar

Rachel Folmar, Seasons cover art

For Christmas this year, Rachel gave us a gift of herself: this beautiful CD of hammered dulcimer music, the warmth of her personal presence captured, in a way, through the magic of digital recording. Three of the pieces are Rachel’s original composition; the others are more familiar tunes. All are arranged and performed in Rachel’s distinctive, intricate style – the expression, in a different medium, of the steps of a Celtic dancer, and not unlike the beauty that tumbles forth from Rachel’s blog, Onward Into Light. I am refreshed when I listen to this music throughout the day, just as I enjoy glancing at the photos, quotations and reflections on her blog. Both reveal glimpses of joy from the heart of heaven.

Rachel now makes this gift of music available for anyone:
Seasons, by Rachel Folmar, with iTunes playlist, cover art, and jewel case insert: download all files (zip, 76 MB).

Rachel Folmar, Seasons cover art

Thank you, Rachel!

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3 Responses to Seasons, by Rachel Folmar

  1. Kerri says:

    Thank you Rachel. Can’t wait to listen!


  2. While I was sick, I listened to the entire album 3 times through. What a beautiful collection of traditional music. Thank you for taking the time to share your gifts with us!

  3. kvmagruder says:

    Eric, so glad you’re home now – glad to hear you’re feeling better, but take it easy so that you don’t regress. Thanks for your comments on Rachel’s album. We are sure enjoying the ones we have from Candace was commenting just the other day how much she enjoys your style of playing.
    Peace, Kerry

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