Dancing in the Minefields

Thursday morning, May 2nd, for Wildwood’s young mom’s group, The Well, Candace presented a partly autobiographical talk on the nature of hope: “Dancing in the Minefields: Life Lessons on Learning to Hope.”

Two songs by Andrew Peterson anchored the presentation: Dancing in the Minefields, near the beginning; and You’ll Find Your Way, at the end. Powerful songs, for which her remarks provide an extended meditation.

Thanks to Kelly Skrapka for organizing the program and inviting Candace to speak. Tammy, Barbara and I came as guests. I’m so glad I was able to make it, and was profoundly moved. What an amazing woman I am married to! And in many ways, the story of her journey is the story of our journey together. And a love letter to our daughters. And a thank you to our parents and families.

To listen to the audio while following along with the slides, right-click the links below to download them to your computer, then open them in whatever you use to view PDFs (e.g., Preview, Acrobat) and to listen to audio (e.g., iTunes).

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