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This morning Candace provided the following testimonial about how we have called upon Elijah Adeoye for mold remediation in two major projects. Given that we are frequently recommending Elijah, we’re posting it here for reference. We cannot recommend him highly enough. Not only is he a person of utmost integrity, but his professionalism is exemplary as well. He has repeatedly gone the extra mile for us. And I can add that, if you should find yourself in need of mold remediation, examining the results of his pre- and post-testing is most reassuring.

1. Explain the challenge you faced. What was life like when that problem loomed over your head? Did you find it difficult to find a solution?

When we bought our house almost ten years ago, the master bath had been newly remodeled with a very attractive tiled walk-in shower. But within a few years, the grout on the shower floor was seeping water and eventually other areas around the perimeter of the shower pan were seeping as well. In the meanwhile we discovered a serious mold problem in our hall bath and adjacent laundry room, and that became our priority. We had never remodeled a bathroom much less dealt with serious mold issues. It was difficult to know where to turn for help. Kerry and several of our family members have severe allergies to mold and we knew we needed to remediate this properly for the health of our family.

2. Describe the solution you found. How did you get relief?

The mold remediation company we called for the hall bath referred us to AEA Environmental Services for mold testing and setting up a remediation protocol. That was when we met Elijah Adeoye. Elijah has been a joy to work with. He carefully explained his process and provided a thorough written protocol. His report included documentation of both pre-tests and post-tests to ascertain the exact nature of the problem and to verify the effectiveness of the remediation. He made himself readily available to answer our questions, provided further consultation as needed, and inspected the work of the tear-out crews. He did the final fungicide fogging of the house himself. We have had several other water leaks since then and asked AEA come out to advise. When we finally got around to addressing the failure of our master bath shower, knowing we would once again need mold remediation, our first call was to Elijah. Once again, he provided excellent service through the end of the project.

3. What is life like now? Now that your problem is solved or you achieved the result you want, how is life different and better?

We are greatly relieved to know that our home is now a healthy, safe environment thanks to Elijah’s expertise and personal attention. We have confidently referred numerous people with mold issues in their homes to Elijah, not only due to his professionalism, but also because he is a man of integrity and can be trusted to provide the highest quality service. He truly cares about his clients.

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