Rustic Tulsa get-away

Faced with ill weather and an unexpectedly constrained schedule, at nearly the last moment we canceled our planned mini-vacation with the Manns at WorldFest this year. Instead, with the opportunity for just an overnight itinerary, Candace and I made a get-away retreat of just the two of us. We considered several fascinating places in Oklahoma that we haven’t yet seen, before settling upon Cedar Rock Inn in Tulsa, owned by Randy and Sandi Dittmann. This historic home was built in 1890 by Tecumseh Perryman, a member of the Lockapoka Creek nation. Tulsa and Cedar Rock Inn were a great choice and made up for what we had missed.

Cedar Rock Inn, Tulsa

Our aim was to enjoy some simple, light-hearted time together and to reflect upon the struggles, blessings and dreams of recent years. On Sunday we enjoyed the western art of the justly renowned Gilcrease Museum:

Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, OK

And on Monday we took our time going through the Will Rogers Museum and toured his nearby ranch on the Verdigris River:

Will Rogers Museum, Claremore, OK

Will Rogers home

This text from Celtic Daily Prayer served us well as a meditation that gave words to our hearts:

I cannot speak,
unless you loose my tongue;
I only stammer,
and I speak uncertainly;
but if you touch my mouth,
my Lord,
then I will sing the story
of your wonders!

Teach me to hear that story
through each person,
to cradle a sense of wonder
in their life,
to honor the hard-earned wisdom
of their sufferings,
to waken their joy
that the King of all kings
stoops down
to wash their feet,
and looking up
into their face
‘I know – I understand.’

This world has become
a world of broken dreams
where dreamers are hard to find
and friends are few.

Lord, be the gatherer of our dreams.
You set the countless stars in place,
and found room for each of them to shine.
You listen for us in Your heaven-bright hall.
Open our mouths to tell our tales of wonder.

Excerpted from “Caedmon – In Declaration of a Dream,” in Celtic Daily Prayer, pp. 198-199.

What a delight to read the Celtic Daily Prayer book’s entire meditation on Caedmon’s song, in a rustic setting on 45 acres of wooded land in west Tulsa. The very setting of Cedar Rock Inn is like a retreat center with its beautifully tended grounds, a short hiking trail up a nearby ridge, and small touches of hidden art and careful restoration work wherever the eye might look.

Cedar Rock Inn

The lower level, where we stayed, was part of the Inn’s original structure.

Entrance to lower level, Cedar Rock Inn

A living room features a fireplace and western-style furniture. Eye-catching paintings throughout the house add life in vibrant color. The artist is none other than Sandi Dittmann, which illustrates the careful consideration to hidden art manifest in every detail.

Cedar Rock Inn, living room on lower level

There’s even an octagonal library! (I wish I had a better picture of it.) And the staircase is made of the same native sandstone as most of the lower level.

Cedar Rock Inn, staircase

We stayed in the Cedar Room, which sports an atmosphere and personality that matches the rest of the lower level.

Cedar Rock Inn, Cedar Room

The staff were friendly and the cook accommodated our special diets with ease.

We’ll look forward to our next visit at the Cedar Rock Inn!

See more photos in the Gallery.

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