Traveling Mandolin

Shortly before 11 a.m. yesterday morning, Rachel and I were delighted to spot our dear friend Lisa among the small throng disembarking from a Greyhound at the Oklahoma City station. After hugs and welcoming cries all around, Lisa stated that although she had only snatched a few hours of sleep on the bus, she felt up to exploring the City. So we walked around Bricktown, viewed the Land Run sculptures on the river, and spent the afternoon in the art galleries of the Western Heritage Museum, before heading home for the evening, joined by others, to listen to her stories around the dinner table.

Lisa has spent the last 2 months visiting Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and now Oklahoma, all on $10 a day. Even more amazing than the fantastic places she has visited are the interesting people she has encountered. Read her stories for yourself at her Traveling Mandolin blog.

Welcome to Oklahoma, Lisa!

Lisa and Rachel, with Pearl the Bison

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  1. Michael says:

    Hooray for Magruders, the distant family my children love and cherish.

  2. kvmagruder says:

    We love and cherish each one of them, too! 🙂 That’s why this post was filed under “Family.” Peace, Kerry

  3. Michael says:

    Did you read Lisa’s last blog? Interesting stuff about the bus trip from Oklahoma to here. : )

  4. Oh my goodness $10 a day. This I a gotta read….. 🙂

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