Happy Valentine’s!

Robert Sabuta, Saint ValentineOne of our favorite Valentine’s Day traditions, ever since 1993, is to read this beautifully illustrated story of Saint Valentine by Robert Sabuda. The origins of Valentine’s Day are murky, and there are many persons named Valentinus we might choose to remember, including an important gnostic theologian. Sabuda follows the hagiographic tradition of another Valentinus, an Italian bishop through whom a blind girl was healed. Our family’s annual reacquaintance with this story, as our daughters have grown up reading this beautiful illustrated storybook each year, has surely added greater meaning for us in appreciating this day.

As Joe Tkach says in the video above, “Enjoy the holiday with those closest to you by doing something special, but more importantly reassure them of your love daily.”

Just as an aside, chocolate is a much better way to reassure your valentine than sending some e-cards.

Remember, beans are vegetables. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans. It’s always good to eat your veggies, particularly on Valentine’s day!


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