Pond Life

What are these insects doing?

This is a lesson plan for Unit 3: Pond Life (2 weeks).
Mix and match: rearrange the days around as much as you please; they don’t need to be done in the order listed below, or even at all. The most important thing is to become more aware of the life around you, in or near ponds and streams or elsewhere, and do/record/create something interesting in your nature journal.

  1. Tuesday & Wednesday: Pond Life: from “Observing and Collecting” (p. 27 in one edition) to the end of the book. If you divide this into four days, about a fourth of it on each day (Week 1 Tues, Wed, and Week 2 Tues and Wed). No LLS this unit.
  2. Thursday: Work in your nature journal. For ideas, read any sections in Comstock that relate to things that interest you in the Pond Life Golden Guide. For example, you might want to browse Comstock’s discussion of “Insects of the Brook and Pond.”
  3. Friday: Nature walk (and nature journal).

Relax, observe, create, discover, enjoy! Share your thoughts by email to the group or by commenting on this blog post.

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