Beauty in grace

When told one is beautiful; by Rotasiz Seyyah

I love the juxtaposed photos in Hannah’s blog post. Photographer Rotasiz Seyyah captured a number of portraits of ordinary people immediately before and after being told they are beautiful. How they respond! How their inner beauty shines, called forth by those words! How the beauty of each person shines through in the ordinary, like bread and wine, when grace is present.

I want to be there when each of these people, when my family and friends, when you first meet face-to-face the Maker of all worlds, who knows every littlest thing about us, and he says, “You are beautiful.” I want that photo of how you look then.

Grace is the presence of God with us saying “You are beautiful.”

The God who knows us thoroughly loves us utterly. By his very word to us we shine through in the ordinary.

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