Happy 80th birthday, Mother!

Mother and Dad

In her blog this morning, Laura writes:

Today is my Mama’s 80th birthday. I am in awe of her. She is a remarkable woman of strength and courage. She is brilliant, vibrant, full of heart and truly a treasure in my life. She has been my comforter, mentor and encourager, and is always my friend. I am so thankful, especially, for that last part.

I love her ‘story’ and have a dream of writing it out one day in its entirety. (in as much as it is possible to ‘write out’ someones story.) She grew up on a homestead near Powell, WY in a little two room house that her Daddy and his cousin built. Her earliest memory is of waking up on the bed she shared with her little brother and older sister and wiping the snow off her eyelashes before she could open her eyes. As she tells it, “the Little House stories were about the rich folks!” But she LOVED her life in the basin of the Big Horn mountains. Even today, when she steps foot on that ground, she feels she is back ‘home’.

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Wow, Laura, your post is beautiful! It says exactly how I feel, too. Laura, thank you so much for writing it, for the many links it contains, and for the photos. Your caption to the photo I’ve used above is perfect! Watching my parents laugh together is one of my chief memories growing up. That, and in-depth, thoughtful conversations with Mother.

Dear Mother, now that you and Dad are “retiring” for the second time, I hope you and Laura really will get around to writing together!

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