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Each year, early in Advent, we host an Advent Celebration in our home. After a pot-luck meal, we gather for a participatory Advent devotional. In this time of joyous worship together, we recount the story of Christmas via “lessons and carols,” i.e., alternating singing Christmas carols with readings of scripture and poetry. The atmosphere is casual, family-style. Although it is designed for adult worship, children are most welcome. Indeed, we’ve enjoyed this tradition since our oldest daughters were very young — and we still use the handout originally laid out decades ago on a 1980’s vintage Mac computer (with here and there a few new quotations inserted).

Download it, create your own, and consider hosting an Advent celebration for your family and friends…

Caroling at the Mall

See a previous post for our favorite carol/songbooks.

Update (Monday, Dec 6): some photos from our Advent celebration this year:

December-2010 78.jpg

December-2010 79.jpg

December-2010 81.jpg

December-2010 76.jpg

December-2010 75.jpg

Before the lessons and carols we enjoyed eating and just being together:

December-2010 71.jpg

December-2010 69.jpg

And we now have Christmas lights!

December-2010 64.jpg

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12 Responses to Advent Celebration

  1. Laura Mann says:

    Thank you SO much for all of these wonderful, informative posts about your Advent celebrations.

  2. Kerry Magruder says:

    Laura, you’re most welcome. Wish you could have joined us for this. We had over 20 dear friends join us last night for our Advent Celebration. It was a delight — I might post an update later, with some photos.

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