A few Torrance updates

This year I’ve enjoyed several Torrance-related conversations and activities, some related to the Reading Group hosted by Marty Folsom, others related to hosting the 2021 Workshop-Retreat, and soon the Firbush Retreat. In addition, there’s been progress on the Torrance Oral History project, with the posting of the manual online and preparation behind the scenes of the transcriptions. Here are some videos in reverse chronological order; a few other links or videos will be added later.

Interview by Gary Deddo for the You’re Included series, released January 2, 2022, in two parts, with the title “The Intersection of Faith and Science,” although it is largely autobiographical. It was recorded at the American Academy of Religion annual conference in San Diego in November of 2019.

Andrew Torrance, on Methodological Naturalism; #2018-ABT-1. Discussion with Kerry Magruder.

Ross Hastings, Echoes of Coinherence; #2017-WRH-1. Discussion with Kerry Magruder.

Bruce Ritchie, T. F. Torrance in Recollection and Reappraisal, Firbush Retreat, Sept 2021. Discussion with Kerry Magruder.

Kerry Magruder, Trinitarian Perspectives on Science, Firbush Retreat, Sept 2021. (Short version.)

Thomas F. Torrance, The Trinitarian Faith (#1988-489), ch. 2, “”Access to the Father” (#1988-489c); PDF handout. Marty Folsom discusses this chapter with Kerry Magruder.

Current Trends in Torrance Studies panel: Myk Habets, Jerome van Kuiken, Kerry Magruder (handout). August 1, 2021, closing session of the 2021 Workshop-Retreat.

Marty Folsom, “John Macmurray’s Influence on Thomas F. Torrance,” Scottish Journal of Theology 71, 3 (2018): 339-358; #2018-MF-1. Discussion with Kerry Magruder.

Travis Stevick, “The Function of Scientific Theory in the Thought of T. F. Torrance,” Participatio 7, Science, Epistemology, and Natural Theology (2017): 49-70; #2017-TMS-1. Discussion led by Kerry Magruder.

Derrick Peterson, Flat Earths and Fake Footnotes: The Strange Tale of How the Conflict of Science and Christianity was Written into History (Cascade Books, 2020); #2020-DP-1. Discussion led by Kerry Magruder.

Kerry Magruder, to discuss “Interdisciplinary Relations: Art, Astronomy, Music and Theology in Galileo’s World.” Discussion led by Marty Folsom.

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